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Our very first 5k!

We have some very exciting news! On May 20th, we are having our very first 5k!

We are partnering with City Gym to help with this event! They have put together a training guide if you should need help getting prepared for this day!

Please see attached from City Gym. This is their pre-run training schedule for our 5k dog run on May 20th!

On May 20th, after the run we will have our pet adoption event & a food truck here!

They will be holding our first pre-run starting on Sat 4/1 at WaterCrest at City Center at 11:00AM, April 15th at Waterside at 11:00AM & May 13th at Edgewater at 11:00AM. 

The pre-run & 5k will be open to the public! Please bring friends, family & co-workers! 

Please contact the office if you have any questions! 


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