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Remember: Set Both Process and Outcome Weight Loss Goals

When trying to get healthy and lose weight, it is common to set goals. One way to increase your chances of success is to be sure to set process goals as well as outcome goals. It is tempting to just set an outcome goal. For example, you may say that you want to lose 30 pounds, i.e. to achieve this outcome. It is also good to set goals for the process. In this case, you may say you want to get in some daily exercise. These types of goals should be specific, achievable, and realistic. By setting these process goals, you will alter your habits, which can lead to long-term success.

At Edgewater at City Center Apartments in Lenexa, Kansas, we believe it’s important to live life vigorously. In order to do so, you must educate yourself regularly with lifestyle-enhancing tips such as these. With this blog post, we seek to improve your way of life through education that promotes self-care.

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